The Used Car Leasing Advantage

Used car leasing is the fastest growing lease segment in the auto industry in America today because it just makes sense. There are several key reasons why leasing pre-owned vehicles is experiencing such phenomenal numbers:

  • Payment: By leasing a pre-owned vehicle you are, on average, lowering you monthly lease payment by 40% or more vs. the same vehicle new.
  • Desire: Leasing a preowned vehicle allows you to get the car you want TODAY even though you might have believed you could not afford it.
  • Financial Intelligence: Cars are depreciation assets and they depreciate by the greatest margins in the first and second years. According to (USA Today), "byleasing a used car, a consumer can avoid the often extreme early-years depreciation in a new cars value". In other words, it only makes sensethat leasing a vehicle after it has suffered it greatest depreciation will allow you a lower payment on a more financially stable product.
  • Flexibility: In today's post 9-11 economy, cars lose their value faster than ever before. Anyone who has gone to trade in a car in recent years hasbecome familiar with the term "negative equity", meaning that you owe more money on your car than it is worth and are "upside down". Leasingeliminates negative equity by allowing you to start fresh at the end of your lease without having to worry about what your car is worth.
  • Technology: The technological advancements in the auto industry are frequent and dramatic. A car that is five years old often lacks the major safety,comfort, and performance features of a new car. Leasing allows you to always be on the cutting edge of style and technological achievement. is here to help: tailors used car leases to meet your individual requirements often by helping you get into a car that you never thought possible. For more information, call 1-800-213-7971