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About Used Car Leasing

Used Car Leasing is an Austin, TX based full service leasing company that simplifies the car leasing experience. Give us a call and take advantage of our extensive knowledge and expertise in finding solutions for the best lease terms.

Used Car Leasing offers the full spectrum of leases ranging from exotics, luxury, foreign, domestic and economical vehicles. Allow Used Car Leasing to handle all aspects of vehicle acquisition for you from start to finish, with no dealership hassle.

At Used Car Leasing, we specialize in taking the headache out of getting the right vehicle at competitive pricing. Simply contact us for the personalized attention that has become our signature.

Whatever type of lease you’re looking into, Used Car Leasing has options that will fit your needs. We are here to be your car experts so don’t break a sweat trying to find aggressive lease terms, that’s our job.

Why Used Car Leasing?

Trac Lease

Great Option if you plan to:

  • Gain tax advantages like deducting monthly payment
  • Unlimited mileage
  • Only pay for the portion of the vehicle your company uses
  • Option to buy at the end of the term
  • Business vehicle for 50%+ of time

Used Car Leasing(Personal Vehicles)

Great Option if you plan to:

  • Drive a new or used vehicle every 2 to 3 years
  • Use 15k miles or less per year
  • Walk away at the end of the term
  • New & Used vehicles qualify
  • Gain tax advantages like deducting monthly payment
  • From exotics and highline vehicles, to domestics

Trac Leases

  • The Terminal Rental Adjustment Clause (TRAC) lease is an open ended lease with the option to buy at end of term.
  • The monthly payment may potentially be deducted as an operating expense
  • Unlimited mileage - you can drive as many miles and you want
  • Pre-established purchase option
  • Off balance sheet financing

What happens at the end of the Lease?

At the end of the lease, equipment may be purchased by the lessee, returned to Used Car Leasing for remarketing, or the lease may be renewed. All Used Car Leasing leases have end-of-lease purchase options. The purchase options vary with the type of equipment and the type of lease.

Used and Lease Returns

Used car leasing is the fastest growing lease segment in the auto industry in America today because it just makes sense. There are several key reasons why leasing pre-owned vehicles is experiencing such phenomenal numbers:


By leasing a pre-owned vehicle you are, on average, lowering you monthly lease payment by 40% or more vs. the same vehicle new.


Leasing a preowned vehicle allows you to get the car you want today even though you thought you couldn’t afford it.

Financial Intelligence/Flexibility:

Cars are depreciation assets and they depreciate by the greatest margins within the first and second years. According to (USA Today), “by leasing a used car, a consumer can avoid the often extreme early-years depreciation in a new cars value”. In other words, it only makes sense that leasing a vehicle after it has suffered it greatest depreciation will allow you a lower payment on a more financially stable product.


The technological advancements in the auto industry are frequent and dramatic. A car that is five years old often lacks the major safety,comfort, and performance features of a new car. Leasing allows you to always be on the cutting edge of style and technological achievement.

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